How often do women and men masturbate?

This action is still a taboo for some people, even young people should resort to practice in the privacy of your room with the lights off like a crime. It is true that others have no impediment to turn on your computer and watch all the porn pages you find to masturbate with the best girls of the moment.

An investigation in the United States by sociologists at the University of Chicago, said that only 4 out of 10 women (38 %) masturbated during the year prior to the interviews, while in men the proportion was 6 out of 10 (61 %). Clearly, men are more likely to do night games with his penis, either for lack of affection, or in some cases, addiction generated pornography on our planet.

The sample comprmasturbacionised 3,116 Americans aged 18 to 60 years old, 1,769 women and 1,347 men who responded to the specific question “On average, how often do you masturbated during the past 12 months?. And while these data were collected in face to face interviews, which could intimidate interviewees and modify the information obtained, the numbers correspond to similar previous studies. There is no doubt that the results, however much some want to prevent it, they are always clear and concise.

Among these, indeed, any claims that men masturbate especially between adolescence and adulthood, and hardly stop until age 50; in women, this call solitary pleasure is most common between 20 and 39 years, with a minimum between 18 and 20 years and after 40 .

On this last point we can not agree, because age is not an impediment to masturbate. Any old or young person has the need to have fun, either alone or accompanied, the videos of Internet sex sites are visible from all possible public. People have found a new way to have intimate moments without interruptions or unexpected: the erotic pages invade the network.


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